Rwanda Business excellence Awards


Rwanda Business excellence Awards

Rwanda continues to position itself as a business friendly country, and in 2018 RDB will host the 5th edition of the Rwanda Business Excellence Awards to acknowledge, congratulate and celebrate efforts made by domestic companies in promoting a sustainable & prosperous Rwanda.

Through these awards, we aim to encourage competitiveness among Rwanda’s private sector enterprises and promote an innovative business culture in the country.

Our awards will reflect the key cross-cutting economic sectors in Rwanda and recognize businesses that will be able to demonstrate their contribution in diversifying the economy.

Both local and foreign companies invested in Rwanda will have the opportunity to contest for awards in all categories, and this time around the awards shall not only focus on corporate companies but also SMEs to encourage business development.

We have initiated an online platform for contestants to sign up and get a chance to win awards in different categories

Business owners are therefore requested to submit their company details before 10th December 2017.

After the submission date, a team of skilled judges will review all applications impartially and decide on the winners.

The selection criteria will be based on the following categories:

Investor of the Year will look at

§  Value of the investment projects during the period(s)

§  Creation of quality jobs to Rwandan nationals

§  Potential to create forward and backward linkages.

§  Impact to investment to the development of Rwanda both economically & socially

§  Commitment to giving back to society (e.g. through Corporate Social Responsibility).

§  Growing the value chain in Rwanda (e.g. use of local suppliers rather than reliance on imports).

Exporter of the Year will look at:

§  Value addition: Exporters that have undertaken any action to raise the value of their products or businesses or something they added to a product that enables to increase their profit margin.

§  Export value: Export revenues generated during a specific period (quarterly or annually).

§  Promotion of local content (e.g. sourced products locally).

§  Cooperation with other businesses in the creation of export trading companies/or introduction of unique trading relationships. (e.g. participation in international trade fairs, membership in export consortiums).

§  Products & market diversification: Number of products exported and their destinations.

Special category:

Innovator of the year will look at:

The nominee will demonstrate noticeable achievements in one or all the following;

§  New products (goods or services) introduced into the local and/or international market;

§  Employee growth

§  Investment technology (e.g. value of investment going into research and development).

§  The nominee will show strong community involvement using innovative ideas.

§  Commitment to sustainability (e.g. use of recycled materials, use of ec0-friendly energy sources etc.).


Woman Entrepreneur of the Year will look at:


§  The nominee should be a founding member or co-founding CEO.

§  Evidence of success as measured by sales and profits

§  Demonstrate ambition, energy, creativity, entrepreneurial purpose and passion.

§  Increased market range and base.

§  Voluntary efforts to strengthen the role of women business owners within the community through mentorship programs (e.g. founding associations for women in similar businesses).

§  Other accomplishments demonstrating effectiveness in improving the environment for the creation and expansion of business.

Young Entrepreneur of the year (below 35 years of age) will look at:

§  Evidence of success as measured by sales and profits

§  Increased employment opportunities created by the nominees business

§  Development and/or utilization of innovative or creative business methods

§  Demonstrated entrepreneurial potential necessary for long-term business success and economic growth.

Made in Rwanda will look at:

§  Evidence of value addition in locally made products (e.g. sale of processed products rather than raw materials).

§  Demonstrated initiative to promote made in Rwanda products and campaigns

§  Participated in Made in Rwanda exhibitions/expos

§  Recognition by Industry peers (e.g. awards and accolades)

§  Other accomplishments demonstrating effectiveness in promoting the local brands both nationally and internationally.

Sectoral Winners:

Consumer & Industrial products will look at:

§  Evidence that the nominee is involved in consumer and industrial business, which can be under general, manufacturing, agro processing.

§  Evidence of success as measured by sales and profits

§  Company profitability

§  Provided employment opportunities to Rwandan nationals

§  Trend to promote employment of women in the work place.

§  Invested in learning development of the employed personnel

§  Promoted the use of local suppliers in their value chain.

§  Participated in the community development services e.g. Corporate Social responsibility.

Services will look at:

§  Evidence that the nominee is involved in service business, which can be under financial services, tourism, ICT, consultancy, real estate, transport, admintrative & support services, mining.

§  Evidence of success as measured by sales and profits

§  Provided employment opportunities to local residents

§  Recognition by Industry peers (e.g. awards and accolades)

§  Innovative solutions for the economy  (local  & international).

Participated in the community development through corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.      How are the awards judged & how have you ensured the voting process is legitimate?

People will submit their application online, after which data will be analysed by an independent consultant to verify the data and whether it conforms to the criteria.

2.      Will there be a charge?

There is absolutely no charge to participate. 

3.      When is the deadline for entry?

10th December 2017

4.      Can businesses enter in more than one category?

Yes, companies can apply for as long as they comply with category requirements

5.      How will winning an award help a business/ company?

  • The profile of the company will be raised
  • Increase credibility & market attraction.
  • Employee motivation
  • Attract talent

6.    How come the awards haven’t happened for the last 3 years?

The concept we previously had was of a far more bigger scale, so now we’ve finally narrowed it down so that we can ensure that we approach this award ceremony with precision so that we recognize and accredit companies in the outlined categories.


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