Horticulture sector

Rwanda’s horticulture sector is characterized by an ideal climate, fertile soil and an abundant, hardworking labor force.

The potential to develop a vibrant horticulture industry in Rwanda is undoubtedly on the move.

Rwanda’s horticulture exports increased from US$5 million in 2005 to $US25 million in 2018.
The country has a strong competitive base that hinges on its comparative advantages such as fertile soils, abundant water resource, and abundant labor force that are used to produce quality and competitive horticulture products sold on the regional and international markets.

There are several types of horticultural products grown in Rwanda which include:

  • Vegetables: Tomatoes, green pepper, French beans, chilli pepper, carrots, hot paper, onions among others.
  • Fruits: Avocados, mangoes, pineapples, passion fruit, bananas, and strawberry.
  • Nuts: Macadamia and groundnuts.
  • Spices: Parsley, Chilli, Lemongrass, Ginger, Garlic, processed pepper, Mixed spices, Celery among others.
  • Flowers: Roses, Zantedeschia flowers, Agapanthus, Calla lilies, Tuberoses, Alstroemeria and Ornamental sunflowers.

Rwanda’s horticultural exports are mostly exported to regional and European markets.
This has become an important sector in the Rwandan economy and contributes about 50% of non-traditional exports to markets such as Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan, as well as global destinations such as the European Union and the United States.

The sector is bound to continue growing as the government continues operations under the plan for modernization of agriculture.

Processed horticulture/value-added horticulture exports have been increasing over the years.
These include pineapple juice, dried pineapple, mango juice, passion fruit juice, dried and canned vegetables, and pastes like tomato and strawberry jams.


Horticulture Exporters

NameProductContact InformationExport toWebsite
ABCD GREAT LIFE Ltd Chilli Tel: (+250)788441094
Email: mahoroannie@gmail.com
ACC EXPORT Ltd FlowersTel; (+250)788501601
Email: accexpress.rwanda@gmail.com
Agrilec LimitedFrench BeansTel: (+250) 788353011
Email: agrilecltd@gmail.com
France, Netherlands, Congo Brazzaville, E.U, Belgium
Agri Solution LtdAvocado, Passion fruitsTel: (+250) 785743444
Email: tujoel.joel@gmail.com
ALMOND GREEN FARM Ltd PepperTel: (+250)781165894
Email: rukundorob@gmail.com
AN Hinga ltdFrench Beans, ChilliTel: (+250) 781467148
Email: ruti.gass1@gmail.com
Dubai, Belgium, Middle East
Bahage Food LtdHot pepper (chilli), French beans, CookingBananaTel: (+250) 789723549
Email: rangelrwanda@gmail.com
Belgium, United Arab Emirates ( UAE), Dubai
BRIGHT HARVESTFresh Cut FlowersTel: (+250)788312306
Email: jozemuganga@gmail.com
CF PREMIUM COMPANY LTDchili Tel: (+250) 788309306
Email: christinerukera@yahoo.com.au
Crinnod LtdHot pepper, Green ChilliTel: (+250) 785174220
Email: crinnod@gmail.com
Dubai, UK
Email: alidam06@yahoo.fr
Diversity VenturesChilli, hot pepperTel: (+250)782428178/ (+250)780224632
Email: diversitylimited@gmail.com
Effective M and N LimitedFrench beans, Green chilli,Tel: (+250) 788308155
Email: effectivelimited@gmail.com
UK, France
Esline Food Ltd Avocado, passion fruitsTel: (+250) 788500210
Email: besperance@gmail.com
United Arab Emirates, Dubai, France
Excella Produce LimitedFrench beans, chilliTel: (+250) 782424639
Email: excellaproduce@gmail.com
EU, UK, Middle East
FLORAMATT LTDFresh Cut Flowers Tel: (+250)736698032
Email: paul.mwangi@yahoo.com
FlorisPepper, banana dessert, Avocado, hot pepper Tel: (+250) 788534846
Email: florisrwanda@yahoo.fr
Belgium, Netherlands
Fluflo Co LtdAvocado, passion fruitsTel: (+250) 788573161
Email: clauka11@yahoo.com
FluvegChilli, French beans, cooking bananaTel: (+250) 786420690
Email: fruveguklimited@gmail.com
Belgium, UK
Freshpak internationalEggplant, pepper and BananaTel: (+250) 788300047
Email: kaberavianney@yahoo.com
Belgium, UK
Garden Fresh ltdFrench beans, broccoli, baby cornTel: (+250) 782424639
Email: gardenfreshrwanda@gmail.com
UK, Netherlands, Belgiumwww.gardenfreshrwanda.com
Gashora FarmChilli (Processed &Fresh Chilli)Tel: (+250) 788793329
Email: twahirwadiego@gmail.com
China, UK Netherlands, Nigeria
Global Farmers LtdMangoTel: (+250) 788874444Regional Market
KAB FreshChilliTel: (+250) 788310153
Email: info@kabfresh
KIGALI FARMS LTD Mushrooms Tel: (+250) 784 444 062
Kenya, Tanzania, Ugandawww.kigalifarms.com
KK FoodsSugar Snaps, Karella and French BeansTel: (+250) 784676161
Email: james@kkfoods.com
LA PERVENCHEHibiscusTel: (+250) 788606046
Email: lapervenche19@gmail.com

Le Geant Business Group LtdOnion, carrotsTel: (+250) 788688886
Email: alexnyiriminega@gmail.com
UAE, Belgium
Lotec Rwanda LtdSugar Snaps, French beans Tel: (+250)789490372
Email: petergatheru@ymail.com
MACRO KIGALI TRADING COMPANY LTD Fresh Cut FlowersTel: (+250)788459280Netherlands
NATURE CLOUDS FRESH PRODUCE Ltd Moringa leaves and seeds Tel: (+250)788308307
Email: kannbea@yahoo.com
NATURE FRESH FOODS LTD Fresh VegetablesTel: (+250)781181460
Email: blessedmindm5@gmail.com
Oasis GrowersFrench beansTel: (+250) 787012376
Email: oasisgrowers.rwanda@gmail.com
PEBECBird eye chiliesTel: (+250)788301519
Email: furahapascal@yahoo.fr
India, Spain
Proxi freshExtra fine beans, snow peas, sugar snaps and passion fruitsTel: (+250) 784868997
Email: info@proxifresh.com
France, Mauritius, South Africawww.proxifresh.com
Safi Price LtdTamarillo, Avocado, Apple bananaTel: (+250) 788305548
Email: nkundajah@gmail.com
SOUK InvestmentFrench beans, ChilliTel: (+250) 788552317Dubai, India
Sun Fresh LtdChillis, French beans, baby corn broccoliTel: (+250)788300240
Email: nshimiye70@gmail.com
Netherlands, UK and India
TEAM AFRICA Limited Hot PepperTel: (+250)78950016
Email: sylvestev@teamafrica.rw
The STEP CompanyOnions, carrotsTel: (+250) 783010110
Email: nzabikiramop@gmail.com
Congo Brazzaville, Congo Kinshasa
TRANSCOM Ltd ChiliTel: (+250)788300240
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Veggie FreshChilliTel: (+250) 788825739
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Virunga Biotech LimitedGreen chilliTel: (+250) 781931756
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WOMEN IMPORT AND EXPORT NETWORKfruits, vegetablesTel: (+250) 785101075
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