Horticulture sector

Horticulture sector is characterized by an ideal climate, fertile soil and an abundant, hardworking labor force.
The potential to develop a vibrant Horticulture industry in Rwanda is undoubtedly on the move.

Rwanda has a strong competitive base that hinges on its comparative advantages such as soil, abundant water resource, and abundant cheap labor force that are used to produce quality and competitive horticulture products sold on the regional and international markets.

There are several types of horticultural products grown in Rwanda, they include:
Vegetables: Tomatoes, green pepper, french beans, chilli pepper, carrots, hot paper, onion, etc.
Fruits: major fruit export products include avocado, mangoe, pineapple, passion fruit, bananas, and strawberry.
Nuts: macadamia nuts and ground nuts.
Herbs and Spices: these include lemon, parsley, spicy, grass, ginger, and garlic, and pyrethrum.

Rwanda’s horticultural exports are mostly exported to regional and European markets.

This has become an important sector in the Rwandan economy and contributes about 50% of non-traditional exports.

The sector is bound to continue growing as the government continues operations under the plan for modernization of agriculture.


Horticulture Exporters

Bella Flowers

Products: Rose Flowers
Tel: +250 784 442 711
Email: marketing@bellaflowers.rw
Website: www.bellaflowers.rw
Export to: Netherlands, Japan

Bloom Hills

Products: Cut Flowers
Tel: +250 786 802 950
Email: harada@bhrwanda.com
Exports to: Netherlands

Tuzamurane Cooperative

Product: Dried pineapples
Tel: (+250)0788613 618
Email: tuzamurane09@yahoo.fr
Certification: Organic IMO
Export to: Belgium, France

Nature fresh foods Ltd

Products: Chilli, French beans
Tel: (+250)781 181 460
Email: blessedmindm5@gmail.com
Exports to: UK

Proxi fresh

Products: Extra fine beans, snow peas, sugar snaps and passion fruits
Tel: (+250) 784 868 997
Email: info@proxifresh.com
Web: www.proxifresh.com
Export to: France, Maurtius, South Africa

Floramatt ltd

Product: Cut Flowers
Tel: (+250) 736 698 032
Email: paul.mwangi@yahoo.com
Export to: Netherlands


Products: Pepper, banana desert, Avocado, hot pepper
Tel: (+250) 788 534 846
Email: florisrwanda@yahoo.fr
Export to: Belgium, Netherlands

Garden fresh ltd

Products: French beans
Tel: (+250)782 424 639
Email: isugimariec@gmail.com
Exports to: UAE, UK


Products: Bird eye chillies
Tel: (+250) 788 301 519
Email: furahapascal@yahoo.fr
Export to: India, Spain