Why buy from Rwanda

Why buy from Rwanda

As Rwanda continues to work towards attaining double digit economic growth, it also targets to ensure that its products enjoy worldwide recognition for their quality and safety standards.
The country is transitioning from traditional means of production to more modern and internationally accepted methods of production, while at the same time, tipping firms to follow international standards and procedures. This land of a thousand hills is miraculously a home for as many goods and services as possible.

1st Effective governance and zero-tolerance to corruption.

The quality of policy formulation and implementation, a well-established regulatory framework, and the credibility of government’s commitment to create a conducive business environment has enabled Rwanda to become the easiest, fastest and least expensive country to do business in the region. Coupled with public order, peace and security, as well as a zero tolerance to corruption, Rwanda has cemented its position as an attractive market for buyers.

2ndOutstanding quality.

Government’s strong commitment to quality, reinforcement of technical standards, coupled with innovation gives manufactured and agro processed products from Rwanda an edge and well deserved reputation for quality and authenticity on domestic and export markets. Rwanda Standards Board(RBS) offers both product and systems certification services.

The system certification consist of ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems, ISO 22000 and HACCP on Food Safety Management System while the product certification includes the Standardization Mark and the Mark of Excellence

3rdNatural and unique products.

Ideal altitudes , perfect rainfall and sunshine, as well as rich soil types make Rwanda an exceptional place to sustain a wide range of high quality crops ranging from Coffee, Tea, horticulture crops and plants including Fruits & Vegetables ; Flowers (mainly fresh roses) ; Essential Oils (Pyrethrum ; Patchouli ; etc). Rwanda can produce and supply throughout the year, which sustains demand for Rwanda’s products in world markets.

Rwanda’s famous handcrafts are known for their unique quality designs and fine fabrics. They have been highly rated by many visitors and in international exhibitions as the most attractive items they have ever seen. The Rwandan “Peace Basket” with its conical top and “zigzag” stripes is the centerpiece of Rwanda’s rich culture a national symbol that adorns the official seal. The precise measurement, color mixing, and the shape of each basket is an unbelievable talent.

4thTrace ability system.

Rwanda’s mining sector has emerged as a major foreign exchange earner after tourism. The country has adopted a mineral tagging and sealing scheme, internationally recognized as iTSCi – aimed to ensure transparency and improve efficiency in mining industry. The key minerals mined and traded in Rwanda are cassiterite (SnO2), wolframite (WO3), Colombo-tantalite (Ta2O5) and gold. Other key minerals include ambrigonite, beryl and semi precious stones such as tourmaline, topaz, corundum, chiastorite, amethyst, sapphires, opal, agate and flint.

5thThe pristine natural reserve for adventurous tourists.

Rwanda’s natural beauty with its mountainous landscape, wildlife, beaches, culture, and the people continue to draw visitors. The country has a rich biodiversity concentrated in its three national parks, the most popular being Volcano National Park in the north, which hosts the world’s last mountain gorillas. A visit to the home of these contemplative creatures is considered by many tourists as the experience they dream of.