How to buy from Rwanda

How buy from Rwanda

You can now easily buy from Rwanda through our online platform by simply following these seven easy steps:

1st step: Choose your products/Services

you can choose your favorite product (s) on our database. These products are categorized as Coffee, Tea, manufacturing products, Agro processing, Horticulture, Handcraft and fashion, and Services.

2ndstep: Select your preferred sellers

After choosing the product, the second step is to choose your preferred seller. Our database has a list of sellers categorized under the various sectors. The exporters directory database provides comprehensive description and contact information to help buyers identify the right company with specific product that they are looking for

3rd step : Contact seller

After identifying your preferred seller, the next step is to contact him. Our database provides all the contact details and additional information as described above.

4th step: Place order

After initial contact, you can now place your order with the seller. Key issues to clarify from the beginning are: the quantity of the product, delivery process, timeline, samples (if needed), paperworks, etc.

5th step : Cargo

you can contact one of the 108 clearing and forwarding agents registered under the Rwanda Freight Forwarders Association to get advise on the better way to ship your goods from Rwanda to your location.

6th step : Payment process

after agreeing with your supplier, you can now discuss on the payment process. from bank transfers to international cards like Visa, Master Cards, China Union Pay and Diners Club are accepted and used to pay for goods and services in Rwanda.

7th step : Follow up

After all the above mentioned steps, you should follow up with your seller on when goods will reach destination.