Handcraft and fashion sector

Handcraft sector is a small but growing sector in Rwanda. Rwandan handcrafts depict the true African culture.
The country boasts of a very rich cultural heritage. Rwandan handicrafts are very unique and original.
These Rwandan handicrafts are available on a variety of online sites and in the local markets as well.
People of Rwanda make an extensive range of handcrafts which range from ceramic works, traditional woodcarvings, basket making and contemporary paintings.
Basketry is a chief form of Rwandan handicraft. These baskets are well- known for their unique patterns and motifs.
Rwandan handcrafts include: basketry, wood products, ceramics and pottery, hand textiles and hand-loomed products, embroidery and voven products and mats.
Fashion and creative industry is dominated by clothing, footwear, and jewelry products, which operate at the crossroads between arts, business, and technology.
The fashion industry in Rwanda is characterized by production of designs, tailoring, embroidery, retail and marketing.
Rwandan fashion industry is growing as the consumer’s demand for new styles is expanding.

Handcraft and Fashion Exporters

Abahizi Dushyigikirane Ltd

Products: Handbag, Jewellery,
Tel: (+250) 785225471
Email: darius@karisimbipartners.com
Export to: USA,UK,Hong Kong


Products: Postcards, Paintings, Embroidery on all kind of fabrics
Tel: (+250)788621172
Email: aprohade@yahoo.fr
Web: www.aprohade.org.rw
Export to: Belgium

Azizi life sarl

Products: woven bowls, baskets, bags ,purses, jewelry accessories
Tel: (+250)785 781 146
Email: info@azizilife.com
Web: www.azizilife.com
Export to: USA

Glo Creations

Products: Textile designing company
Tel: +250788627104, +250722112900
Email: info@glocreations.com
Web: www.glocreations.com

IAR Innovations Ltd

Products: Woven fabrics
Tel: (+250) 784 185 215
Email: caseybell@gmail.com
Export to: USA


Products: Footwear
Tel: (+250) 788 9444 960
Email: kevineart@gmail.com
Export to: Ghana

Coffee Business Centre

Products: Basket,Postcards, furnitures and metal products
Tel: (+250)788623757
Email: kiakacoop@yahoo.fr
Web: www.kiaka.info
Export to: Uganda,Belgium

Gahaya Links

Products: Woven basket, Jewelry and textiles
Tel: (+250)788306300
Email: gahayalinks@yahoo.com info@gahayalinks.com
Web: www.gahayalinks.com
Export to: USA

Dokmai Rwanda

Products: bags, purses, and other leather products
Tel: (+250)783451278
Email: bernadette@dokmairwanda.com
Website: www.dokmairwanda.com
Export to: Kenya

Kaliza Fashion and design

Products: Jewellery and textile products
Tel: (+250) 788 312 384
Email: muhizic@gmail.com
Export to: Kenya

Inzuki Designers

Products: Jewellery with a Rwandan twist
Tel: (+250) 786249039
Email: info@inzuki.com
Web: www.inzuki.com