Export facilities

Rwanda currently faces an uphill task to grow its exports and reverse the widening trade deficit, under the EAC customs union exporters has different opportunities, where the partner states agree to support promotion schemes in the community for the purposes of accelerating development, promoting and facilitating export oriented investments, producing export competitive goods, developing an enabling environment for export promotion schemes and attracting foreign direct investment:

Manufacturing under bond schemes :

Manufacturing means a facility extended to manufacturers to import plant, machinery, equipment and raw materials tax free, exclusively for use in the manufacture of goods for export.
The procedure for manufacturing under bond allow imported goods to be used in a customs territory for processing or manufacturing
Duty and taxes shall be payable on compensating products at the rate of import duty appropriate to them.

2. Export processing zones :

The export processing zone means a designed area or region in which firms can import duty free as long as the imports are used as inputs into the production for export
The export processing zone allow total relief from payment of duty on imported goods used directly in the processing of goods for export by a person authorized to carry out that activity in the zone