Rwanda has articulated its economic aspiration to become an upper middle-income economy by the year 2035 and a developed economy by the year 2050.

To achieve these goals, we are looking for project ideas that are:

  • - Big: Move the needle for the sectors or industries they operate in
  • - Bold: Innovate and change the way the private sector operates
  • - Strategic: Leverages Rwanda’s potential, strengths, and capabilities
  • - Transformative: Significantly evolves Rwanda’s social and economic landscape
  • - Ambitious: Moves beyond Rwanda’s current status quo and offerings
  • RDB is inviting you to submit any high impact, game-changing project ideas that will transform Rwanda’s economy.

    For enquiries, check out our FAQ page. Kindly note that this exercise is exclusively a call for ideas and does not involve any disbursement of grants or direct financial support from RDB.


    Our Process

    Our Process

    Step 1

    Everyone is invited to submit aspirational project ideas by 11:59PM on 1 March 2024.

    Step 2

    Project ideas and opportunities are reviewed and shortlisted based on rigorous financial and economic analysis to ensure that they are high-impact and game- changing in nature to match the GoR’s national aspirations, maximise the return on investment, and drive sustainable private sector-led development in Rwanda.

    Step 3

    These are then co-developed further in a Lab session with multiple stakeholders including various Government Ministries, Agencies, Private Sector Leaders, Subject Matter Experts, Industry Leaders, Prospective Investors, Project Idea Contributors and more. The co-development process includes extensive qualitative and quantitative analysis of market research and global trends, benchmarking exercises, requirements and success factors stocktaking, viability assessments and detailed implementation plans to ensure effective realisation of project ideas.

    Step 4

    Project ideas that are successfully co-developed during Lab sessions will be further supported by RDB in the form of investment lead generation, policy and regulatory assistance, as well as investment and resource matching.

    Step 5

    RDB will assess economic value creation of project ideas to be aligned with the GoR’s priority areas in Vision 2050 and National Strategy for Transformation.