RDB Skills Office invites professionals to attend the first ever ‘Career Speed Dating’ on Rwanda Day

RDB (Rwanda Development Board) Skills Office invites professionals to attend this year’s Rwanda Day on 5th October in Bonn, Germany, and sign up for the first ever ‘Career Speed Dating’ event at our ‘Career Corner’. The professionals will get the opportunity to meet and match up with 16 organisations seeking talent.

These companies are Bank of Kigali, I&M Bank, Carnegie Mellon University-Africa, Babyl, Cogebanque, Rwandair, Business Development Fund (BDF), Bridge 2 Rwanda, Study in Rwanda, Westerwell, Garden Fresh, BBOX, Andela, Mara Phones, Irembo and Davis College Rwanda  Akilah Campus.

The ‘Career Corner’ booth will include a demonstration on how the Kora Job Portal works and how people can register for jobs. The ‘Career Corner’ booth will also feature journeys of different Rwandan Professionals who recently returned home. High level representatives from both the private and public sector will be present at the Career Corner side event.

Registration for the Career Speed Dating event will take place at the ‘Career Corner’ booth in the Vienna Room starting at 10:30 am. Places are limited due to limited spots. Registration will be accepted on a first come first serve basis.

The session will be limited to a total of 150 participants and admission will be on a first-come-first-serve basis. Each session will be split into two rounds of 15 minutes each. At the start of each round groups of 4 young professionals will be paired with one employer. The moderator will announce the key questions at the beginning of each round and each of the participants will have the opportunity to quickly introduce themselves, discuss the posed question and find out about potential opportunities.

Sign up on the Kora Job Portal now and upload your CV (Curriculum Vitae) ahead of Rwanda Day.

About Kora Job Portal

The Kora online job portal (https://kora.rw) is designed to facilitate job seekers to find suitable employment by generating employment information, linking them with potential employers as well as offering employers with information that can enhance the efficient use of human resources in their organizations.

The RDB Chief Skills Office developed the Kora job portal in collaboration with the GIZ (German Development Corporation Agency) under the joint Rwanda-German Eco-Emploi (Promotion of Economy and Employment) program.