Promoting your product for export

Promoting your products for export

Once your enterprise has set a strategy by way of targeting a specific group of potential buyers with a specially configured offer, and before it starts looking for customer orders and producing them, your enterprise needs to build the adequate marketing capabilities (to find and keep customers) and production capabilities(to produce the offer) as define in your strategy.
The promotion of your products have to be determined in a such way that promotion contributes to the achievement of the business’ marketing objectives which have been selected and set as part of the strategy. These may be:

  • To sell more frequently or more to present clients
  • To induce competitors’ clients to buy from you
  • To convert non-users of your products to become users of your products

A business marketing program is called the promotional mix and consists of a blend of the following instruments:

  • Personal selling
  • Direct selling
  • Sales promotion
  • Advertising and
  • Public relations

The purpose of promotion should be:

  • To create awareness, customer interest or desire
  • To boost sales
  • To build brand loyalty
  • To launch a new product
  • To change customer attitudes
  • To support the activities of the distribution channel
  • To build the enterprise or brand image
  • To reassure customers
  • To remind potential customer about your offer
  • To support sales force